This insulated window covering fits aftermarket bunk windows. Finished product measures approximately 33" wide x 10" tall. Outside fabric facing the window will be black (unless otherwise specified). Window covering consists of black waterproof fabric facing the window, Reflectix insulation, and fabric of your choice facing the interior, with the option to add Polartec Power Fill 200 as additional insulation. Black metal adhesive tabs are included with your purchase. To install the cover, you will peel the paper off the back of the metal tabs and adhere them to the window frame in the proper places. The magnets inside the cover will connect to the metal tabs. Cover can remain in place and be folded open to either side. If any customization is needed... Let us know! We can also personalize these window coverings in any fabric of your choice to match the interior of your van. We take pride in our work and our logo is proudly displayed on all products we make. Please contact us with any and all inquiries. Guaranteed warranty on workmanship. Custom fabric orders are not refundable.

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